Thursday, December 4, 2014

Nintendo game

With the opening of the servers we could finally get their hands on online Smash. Hear hear ... it works! And also just fine. The Nintendo game proves to have a netcode granite, which rarely leads to find matches where reigns the latency and sometimes play worthy even when connections are not superlative. The experience offers two main options: To Play and To the Glory, which are in effect matches unclassified and classified, but there seems to be an accurate ranking system based on wins and losses (despite the results of the player are all marked in a convenient virtual notepad). To choose the game clearly means jump in the arena against more players and with activated objects, in a series of confrontations where the fun is king but the user's ability becomes secondary.

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Choose ranked instead changes everything. Smash in 1-on-1 has another side, and is made of dodges at the last second, shots incredibly precise and perfect predictions of moves and movements of the opponent. It is not an easy game to handle this, view the effectiveness of dodges and parries, and requires perfect knowledge of the characters, as in the arenas For Glory there are no objects or platforms. For those who enjoy the competitive, however, is a drug, and the ease with which they are games will take you to burn us hours and hours of your life without realizing it. There are also ranked among the team match and 4 players, but are much more casual one-on-1 and less satisfactory. That said, netcode and online experience are promoted without any doubt.
Not everything is perfect though: Nintendo has unfortunately remained still far behind when it comes to online, and find friends to play with the same, old-fashioned structure seen in Mario Kart. There is the possibility to directly invite a friend into a lobby, the only thing you can do is send him a message on Miiverse and hope that, after reading it, he decides to enter the private game you open. Again, not enough, voice chat stops during the game (and is totally absent in the other modes). In this sort of thing Nintendo really should adapt, because with a lobby system more similar to other fighting games Smash would be virtually unassailable.

Smash is pure genius. No, it is not an exaggeration: the Smash are the only fighting game much appreciated by a couple of grandparents with young grandchildren in tow as a group of twenty-five grew up on bread and Street Fighter and bloodthirsty. The brand is the most glaring example of the philosophy of Nintendo "layering", and boasts titles can be fighting game and technical at the same time the party game, products with gameplay smart enough to combine two souls totally different and as to be usable regardless of the player. In a course of game design at university would deserve who knows how many lessons dedicated, is conceptually a perfect center. This hybrid nature but paradoxically is also its weakness. The mechanics designed around the most fun tournaments bring the brand to be often ignored by the community of experienced players of fighting games, to the point that fans of Smash Bros represent a sort of huge alien group and parallel to the scene competitive world, and at the same time those who appreciate it just for evenings with friends struggle to love him 100%, because online is easy monsters bravura untouchable for a mere mortal. Have two souls also means not belong in short, and for this reason the work of Sakurai is a world apart, a planet of orbi barrel and legendary characters that can always pull the sales of the Nintendo console. Given the data is not just amazing to WiiU, Super Smash Bros 4 has even greater importance to the chapters that preceded it. For months, Nintendo has pumped to great with video and slide shows of all kinds, and more than a lover of Japanese giant sees him as the Messiah came down among us to save the console paddone. Sakurai and his team have always been synonymous with quality, fun and obsessive attention to detail, but will be able to churn out the outstanding game that everyone wants? We spent many hours above and, although our review is not yet complete due to server closed, we feel anyway to give an assessment to the title given its content. Clearly we will update everything when the time comes, but we can tell you already now with certainty: Smash Bros 4 might not suit all, but it's definitely an excellent reason for WiiU and is usually damned masterpiece of cunning and game design.

Two souls, a lot of punches
The analysis of gameplay as that of the last Smash Bros is ... complicated, and requires a clear division. We start from the reason why the series succeeds without much trouble to conquer players of all ages and types, namely the intuitiveness of its controls. Smash Bros 4, as the chapters that preceded it, has weird mechanical hybrid between fighting and platforming, which allow fighters beating each other in arenas extremely elaborate and full of traps, changes and platforms, and offer various types of attacks easy to perform . Each wrestler can perform special attacks and normal, which vary according to the direction of analogue during the coup, but with an additional attacks smash executable with a touch dry in the desired direction and loaded, the ability to perform a double jump, and maneuvers defensive extremely effective. Everything fits miraculously great with group play, and manages to make the experience even more chaotic and joyful with the introduction of a large number of objects used by the fighters, which greatly increase the randomness of the clashes but give life situations often hilarious.
So far so clear, but then you go into the mandatory system of the game, because Super Smash Bros 4, in line with the rest of the series, is far more complex than it appears. Smash is a dance, a fighting game where the execution of complex combo ground replacing the absolute mastery of positioning and timing. The parade of the game is extremely effective, but everything revolves around dodging continuous, on-site or side, judicious use of the jack and the ability to place combinations air more or less difficult right after the bounce. Added to this is the need to master the management of the edge of the ring, in which the characters can attach themselves to avoid falling, and the importance of providing the moves of the opponent to hit him with a smash in perfect time, so as to make it fly off the screen and get valuable points. There is always a random element, linked to the fact that there are no points in Smash life (though you can set the game so that the system changes and uses them) but percentages of damage that increase the likelihood of being hurled into space but we assure you that the differences between a skilled player and one on Sunday are abysmal. An expert always knows what to use in any situation, discovers every day new tech, finds a way to eliminate or reduce the recovery time from some of the riskier moves, and completely dominates the field.

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The skill depends not so much the use of impeccable mechanical basis, that in this chapter, however, do not reach the levels seen in Melee, still considered the most technical of the Smash Bros. No, the real skill depends on how far you discover tricks and advanced techniques of the various characters. Here the advanced options are somewhat limited, as said, there is closer to Brawl as a mechanical and despite some major changes in the combat system is more accessible. There is no tripping, so you can shoot at will without the risk of falling ill on the ground, you can "steal" the angle attached to a character, and there are various extra maneuvers to learn, but the surprises lie in the real fighters . We warriors able to make some moves to cancel atypical with certain techniques, other that easily confuse the opponent with attacks and projectiles loaded variables, and others that can take advantage of special brutal repeatedly hit the opponent or even below the arena . Every character in Smash Bros 4 has unique qualities and is a hoot learn weaknesses and strengths slowly, capturing every nuance. The roster, then, is usually huge, with countless choices, very few characters "clone" (even those who are very much alike usually have marked differences in several aspects) and fighting styles to suit all tastes.
To want to find fault necessarily, have to go on the usual balance. In a title like Smash 4, where fast movements and position are the centerpiece, a character with safe moves fast and has an advantage, therefore dominate the roster choices as Sheik, Rosalina, Lucario, and others with similar characteristics. Not that getting out there with a Ganondorf or Charizard is impossible, far from it, but winning with characters lenses requires a lot more effort and perseverance. For the rest, you should ignore stuff like the tier list, just restrict your enjoyment.

So. Much. Stuff
If the gameplay avid fans of the series may have a little something to say for expulsion from Melee, you can not complain instead for the contents, nothing short of monstrous. Smash Bros 4 is, without mince words, the fighting game with multiple modes and extras that we have ever seen in our lives. There is a true story mode, a choice that will turn up their noses at anyone, but to replace it we are spoiled for choice. The Classic Mode will take you to its already to challenge groups of opponents with a lot of rival which boosts from time to time, and the chance of getting any type of collectible after the battles in difficulty variables. The money will then obtained to finance other modes, such as Crazy Requests and Inquiries Master, with the first also be activated with comfortable special coupons and containing very demanding tests that offer prizes. It is certainly not over, because we must not forget the All Star mode, in which you fight game characters in reverse chronological order, and all the trophies obtained are visible, the normal scrum, scrum and the special rules and custom conditions.

And there is still a lot, a lot of stuff. Among the extras are proof homerun, where you try to deliver as far as possible a poor punching bag, the test target, which is a kind of variant of Angry Birds with a time bomb, plus a large number of events, real custom missions inspired by the world of Nintendo. All this were not enough good things there as well Smash Tour, a sort of multiplayer board game where you get new characters and challenge you to force the dice rolls and random bonuses in the boxes of the map. A map editor, with lots of customization and mii fighters of the main characters in tow, is simply the icing on a cake giant that can easily steal countless hours in singleplayer.
At times it seems that the developers wanted to see how far it was possible to fill a disk WiiU. You will find the menus even demo of great classics such as 2D Metroid or an option to use a 3DS containing the title as additional controller, and because of an NDA categorical on certain elements we can not even talk about a long series of other chic in not underestimated.
Our review today unfortunately has a serious lack, and is online. In a fighting game that is a very important aspect that can not be underestimated and we assure you that, at the opening of the server, it will discuss in detail. Our assessment today but can only be based on the content offline and regarding validity of Netcode, any unexpected mode for multiplayer competitive or other nice things, you'll have to wait. We can not have confidence in Nintendo, despite Smash on 3DS result is pretty dancer in this field.
Can not instead criticize technical sector and quality of arenas. We can not spoilerarvi number of battlefields and unlock, but the quality of the maps base is monstrous, with easter egg, references to classic and dynamic events often spectacular (and sometimes able to turn a match). For lovers of the game balanced course there are also internships that do not change, versions Omega platforms without any setting, and the inevitable Final Destination, despite numerous friends with our advice is to jump on the other arenas to further increase the chaos of the fighting .
In closing let's dive on the technical sector and on Amiibo. The frame rate of the game seems unassailable, fixed at 60 fps with a response command quite impeccable even during games with 8 players (an eventuality that few will benefit, but also present in the package). High quality animations, character models, and the above arenas, with wonderful music and sound effects excellent.
Finally, the use of very interesting Amiibo which if used give way to the player to create characters moved AI and can be used both as a partner during the match that as adversaries, customizable levellable to create powerful monsters. Certainly does not revolutionize the game but it is pretty addition, which could be further developed in the future and provides some "extra player."