Friday, December 5, 2014

iTunes in USA!

Apple has been accused of having deleted music from iPod users, because of store bought rivals is what emerges from the proceedings in the USA.

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Apple would have made sure to delete the music of the store by iPod rivals. This is the startling revelation that comes from the proceedings underway in the US, where the Cupertino company is called to explain the business practices choices to push iTunes Store about ten years ago. The rumor comes from The Wall Street Journal and is already supplying dense controversy, although at the time it is merely an accusation and not a proven fact.

According to reports by media stars and stripes, Apple would be responsible for the unexplained cancellation of external songs to the iTunes Store, a practice that would last from 2007 to 2009.

According to the prosecutor Patrick Coughlin, a user would have run unable to synchronize their songs on the iPod in his possession, as purchased by competing services to those of Cupertino. In an attempt to transfer them to your music player, in fact, it seems that an undefined error message has made the operation impossible, thus forcing the owner to restore the factory settings of the device.

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According to the defense, however, any error would occur for reasons entirely legitimate, or protect users from malicious content. Justification that experts judged too weak, because the songs were not disputed downloaded from P2P networks or from pirate sites, but from services entirely legitimate: the odds were infected would be very remote.

The dispute between Apple and rivals about to iPod and iTunes Store has roots in 10 years ago, although only now has gone to the judgment of the courts. Everything would be born by DRM systems to which Apple has resorted to the mid-2000s, only to abandon them completely since 2009, accused of having limited the expansion of competition. Yesterday, they were shown in the courtroom of the old depositions of Steve Jobs, especially dedicated to the fight against competitors historic RealNetworks. As it turns out the cause, however, is still too early to know.