Thursday, November 27, 2014

Psn and Consoles!

Owners of accounts with Windows Live, the PlayStation Network (PSN) and 2K Games have a new reason, a precaution to change their passwords. Reason is a possible hacker attack on these online services.

As the technology magazine "Cnet" reported on Thursday, the hacker group DerpTrolling has about five thousand usernames and passwords published on the net. The data they associated with the message: "Dear Internet, the following is a very small sample of the glorious raids by Lord gifts and his crew on the vast oceans of the network."

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By his own account, the hacker in possession of several million other credentials. So far, however is extremely doubtful whether the particulars. Rik Ferguson of the security firm Trend Micro has about the "Guardian" suggests that many of the newly published data users are already appeared in previous leaks. He considers it unlikely that the data come from new hacks.
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Also on discussion platforms such as Reddit users speculate whether the supposed giant hack is not more of a big fake. Someone with the pseudonym Keiichi81 for example, writes that some of the PSN accounts currently not even exist - it at least signs indicate that a review of the e-mail addresses. Other users indicate that many publications password is too short to ever be used as a password can.

Microsoft said in a first statement, it is reviewing the incident. Sony told the magazine "Game Zone" with the weekend that it could not detect any intrusion into its network. The data may, however, would come from another source: "We take these allegations very seriously and check our network very closely." 2K Games, 2K Sports games the manufacturer, there are no comments.