Thursday, February 19, 2015

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Yodo1 works a little differently from a typical game editor. Instead of just providing funding and marketing support, the company has almost all the hard work when it comes to new releases, localized game (Yodo1 calls this process "enlightenment"). A team of over 200 people to produce new game content and features, and editor working closely with developers so they generally direct access to the source code of the game. Fong said that Western developers every month has about 200 games publisher, and a staff of 10 game examiners analyze them to determine which published. The company currently provides around one or two games each month. "We really focus on the quality and relevance to the market," he said of the process.

This was not always the case. When the company launched its first - Fong had previously managed a similar company that helped launch technology startups in China - had to cold call and hope that the developers would be interested in the liberation of China. Most were not too comfortable with sharing source code with a little-known Chinese company. But success, as the ski safari, perception changes. It is the same for similar editors: Specific iDreamsky ustwo chosen because it had worked with notable developers like Imangi and Halfbrick. Meanwhile, Dots working with Chinese Internet giant Tencent - the same company behind the ambitious PC game Call of Duty Online - providing a localized version of TwoDots in China. Tencent also happens to be one of the companies involved in the latest financing round studio
Clash of Clans Gems
This familiarity is a key selling point in a market where things can seem very foreign. "The list goes on and on," Rob Segal, co-founder of Get Set Games, said the variables that can prevent a Chinese launch a mobile game. He published Yodo1 hit Mega Jump Mobile Set in China, and handled almost all aspects of the process, including things that would be simply impossible for a small Canadian studio. Changes in the game itself was relatively small and mostly centered around making it more social: for example, you will be notified when a friend beats score Chinese version. But even with these small changes, there are still a lot of work that goes into a port that this.Playtesting, for example, is not exactly easy when the public is a mobile game that has not even been released outside China. Also incorporated into the application payments, which are often handled by mobile providers can be difficult for foreign companies. When you're used to dealing with known entities such as Google Play and Amazon Appstore, the list of headaches added quickly, especially for a studio composed of a few people. "We had games there before I had a partner," says Segal, "and I do not think you have a chance to succeed without working with a partner."

The mobile market in China is not as mysterious as it once was - it's hard to imagine a company like Supercell made a similar error in 2015, in light of this new list of publishers. And that the country is becoming a more important market for mobile game developers start thinking about early on. Segal said that China is "at the forefront of our mind" when it comes to new ideas the game while Hipster Yodo1 whale recently released worldwide Crossy road so that landed in China, at the same time remaining world. The game has been downloaded over 10 million times in the first 20 days of availability. Given these kinds of success stories, and the size of China's appeal is obvious.